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Depth and variety at a great price
(about $50 for unlimited 2 year access)

  • 6 pieces of residential HVAC equipment
    • Gas Furnace
    • Split Residential A/C
    • Light Commercial A/C (3 Phase)
    • Heat Pump
    • Gas Boiler
    • Oil Furnace
  • Over 100 faults allow for endless learning opportunities.

Immersive Experience

  • DOTS HVAC employs 3-D environments where you can move about freely. It’s just like being on the job site.
  • Realistic tools & equipment. Nothing but the real thing.
  • Practical not theoretical focus. This is the new school of learning.

Effective Learning

We understand that learning new concepts and skills is difficult, especially for beginners. DOTS HVAC incorporates key learning features to make this process easier and more intuitive:

  • Dynamic Troubleshooting Guides make students feel like the instructor is right there with them.
  • Integrated wiring diagrams are every student’s best friend.
  • Detailed Feedback Reports enable students to learn quickly from their mistakes.
  • Training Mode and Challenge Mode cater to users of all experience levels

Badges and Leaderboard

  • Get recognized for your hard work.
  • Keep track of your progress and reach your goals in a step-by-step approach.
  • See how you stack up against your peers. Maybe you can learn something. Maybe you can teach something.
  • Share results and questions on the discussion board.

Instructor Tools

  • Assignments: Challenge and engage your students. They’ll welcome it.
  • Gradebook: Track your students progress with an easy-to-use gradebook.
  • Teaching/Demo Tool: The sim likes to show off, especially on the projector in front of students.